Welcome to MRod Home Healthcare
where your Health is Wealth

At MRod Home Healthcare, we bring world-class medical care right to your doorstep. Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our comprehensive range of services designed to cater to your health needs within the comfort of your home.

Welcome to MRod Home Healthcare
where your Health is Wealth

At MRod Home Healthcare, we bring world-class medical care right to your doorstep. Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our comprehensive range of services designed to cater to your health needs within the comfort of your home.

Our Main Services

Home Doctor Visits

Consult with experienced physicians in the comfort of your own space

Nurse at Home

Receive compassionate nursing care tailored to your needs.

Salus Baby

Expert care for your little one, ensuring their well-being and comfort.


MRod Home healthcare's IV Drips: Recharge, Hydrate, Boost in Relaxing Ambiance.

Home Therapy

Benefit from a range of therapeutic services within your home environment.

Lab Test Services at Home

Access accurate lab tests without the need for clinic visits.

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Other Services

Food Alergy & Intolerance Tests

Uncover Your Dietary Needs

Palliative Care

Comfort and Dignity in Difficult Times

Post Operative Care

Your Journey to Recovery.

Our team of medical professionals is here to guide you in identifying and personalizing the perfect IV Drip protocol. This way, you can achieve your optimal state of vitality and well-being.

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    Dr. Orlando & Nurse CrizaI so much appreciate your care with professionalism, kindness, and commitment to results, thank you 🙏🏻
    Good nursing company with quick timely response and they have qualified nurses special thanks to Preeti Prajapati for taking care of my mother in law 🙏🏻 Also Reem provies excellent support and timely response 👍 👏 😀
    The most important thing for patients is good doctors and a place with humanity, I was very happy to deal with the clinic they gave me all answers to my questions and made me feel better, special thanks to Reem who is such a sweet woman who works with all her heart, the best service
    Je suis venu en Vacance avec ma fille et mon mari, nous avons contacté leur service pour qu’une nounou puisse garder notre fille le temps d’une soirée. Nous avons eu OJONG ESTHERReem, elle est d’une douceur ma fille a passée à très bon moment au point qu’elle a pleurer quand Ester devait repartir chez elle 🤣 je recommande à 100%
    MRod healthcare has amazing services. There whole healthcare team is very supportive and present in stressful times by providing seamless services at home. Keep it up! Your presence in the market to provide home nursing, doctors, tests and home care assistance fulfills a very needed gap in the market to ensure timely care 💐!
    Great and fast service. Professional and kind team. Nice to see people actually take the time and not be in a rush. Thanks to the team Dr Orlando and Nurse Ryaz!!
    I can't thank the exemplary care I received from Dr.Orlando and Nurse Ryaz enough! After becoming ill on a business trip Dr.Orlando visited me in my hotel room and took great care of me. He even checked up on me daily to ensure I was recovering as scheduled. I'd highly recommend them to anyone seeking any medical attention in Dubai. They are punctual, professional and very detailed. Thank you again for your care!
    The overall service is prompt and friendly. The nursing staff is very polite and respectful.
    I booked a care taker name shyla from Meod healthcare and she was very professional and know how to handle a child very well with good communication skills as well. I wanted extend the time more and the health care and shyla did it without any hesitations. Would love to book again with Mrod
    Harsha is the best!
    Reem- the support person and Arlene are amazing
    Amazing Service they really took great care and went above and beyond thanks so much. Special recognition to Reem and Doctor Mona and nurse Raiaz. Thanks Again!!
    We would like to thank Dr Orlando, Dr Mona and the 2 nurses that accompanied them. The treated our son with so much care. They are all so professional and very knowledgeable and doctor Orlando always checked up on us and how our son was doing. Really went above and beyond, great medical care and great humans all of them. Thank you so much.
    Dr. Orlando and nurse Michelle is profesional and kind team. They helped to our daughter on hotel
    Great service, very friendly and fast
    We express our sincere gratitude to all to doctor (Aman)and nurses (Criza)for their comfortable presence during these difficult times. Your unwavering dedication and support has been a source of hope for many. Your commitment to compassionate care has not gone unnoticed, and we are truly grateful for everything you do. Your professionalism and kindness are priceless, and we are grateful for your dedicated service.
    شركة اسعدتني و أثارت اعجابي بكل ما تعنيه الكلمة من معنىبصراحة مصداقية في كل شي اولاً كان كلام وتُرجم على ارض الواقع وصلو قبل الموعد وكانو دقيقين وهذا شي مهم جداً ، فضلاً عن السلوك الجيد جداً للموظفة و هيئتها المرتبة والنظيفة ، اسعدني احترافيتها في العمل و حسن تعاملها و سلوكها ، اشكرهم من كل قلبي واخص الموظفة مارسيل والمسؤول الي كنت اتواصل معه وللاسف ما يحضرني اسمه ، لكن شكراً لكم جميعاً
    Our son was very sick and dehydrated. Dr. Orlando Calzadilla has come together with a very kind nurse within short period of time to our hotel and has taken care of the problem.Recommended service in the case of health problems.
    HarshaVery professional, punctual, polite , knows the workMy case is intervertebral herniaWith her treatment and care I recovered very fastThank you for your amazing care and help
    Very speedy response and attentive service
    Expert nurses, great care for the elderly. I really appreciate all the efforts that both Gina and Krystle put in. I would always recommend them.
    Riyaz and his team responded amazingly and reached us on time. Riyaz handled my father gently but firmly as he was not responding to us. He is a great nurse. I thank Ray and Riyaz and his team for their brilliant work. I will definitely be assured that I am in safe hands now that I know of this service.Thank you so very much.
    Maria AgnesThank you very much for your dedication, care and you’ve done a very good job.Your compassion are well recognized.
    Excellent service and care by Dr. Orlando and nurse Pradippa.
    Very prompt service and easy to avail. Just a phone call is enough to arrange everything. Very good customer service by Reem.
    My daughter and I thank you so much for the wonderful attitude of the doctor Orlando, nurse Criza and also the customer service assistant Reem.It was really incredibly encouraging that despite the illness during the holiday we knew that thanks to these people she was well taken care of and everything went without problems. Many thanks once again 🙏❤️
    Unreliable provider ! You agree with them on something then after few weeks and after you have finally settled down with the helper,they ask to increase number of hours
    The doctor and nurse arrived in 45 min. They were so nice and professional. They delivered the medication the same day! I could contact them 24/7. The aftercare is really good. I would highly recommend
    Outstanding homecare service for our newborn! Special thanks to Roda, who is highly experienced and genuinely caring. Her dedication is evident in managing all the needs of our baby. Im truly grateful for her outstanding service
    Amazing service and very professionalnurses.Special thanks for Maegy and Marites.Also one persons who is always there to assist Reem !!Highly recommended
    WARNING! Do not use MROD Home healthcare and save your time by getting scammed with their so called "Home healthcare".If the reason for choosing Home healthcare instead of visiting a hospital is to save time, then I can assure you that MROD will waste more of your time than just visiting a regular hospital in UAE.When you get a "doctors visit" from MROD, all you receive is paperwork that you need to fill out in order for them to keep you quit from writing online reviews about their poor service.The doctor that visited my apartment lied about offering treatment that I supposedly declined, a treatment plan that was NEVER OFFERED!WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE!
    Best doctor everDeserve Nobel prize
    Receiving treatment at hotel through this service was for me much more practical than going to a clinic. The hotline was very responsive and handled my case promptly. The medical team (a doctor and nurse) reached me in short time and was friendly and competent. Even about one month later, the hotline provided me with information required for my health insurance. All in all I recommend them, in case things do not go well on a travel.
    Experience a fast, efficient, and reliable service for your medical needs right from the comfort of your home in Dubai. I would like to specially mention Ms. Reem, who was incredibly helpful and understanding. She took all my notes into consideration and arranged for an alternate nurse during the regular ones' weekly off on short notice.Special thanks to Nurse Cheny & Ashley for the amazing service. I am truly appreciative of their impeccable manners and the thoughtful way they interact with my baby. The care and attention given to his daily routine, from administering vitamins to massaging his belly, is simply outstanding.I highly recommend and appreciate the services.
    I would like to congratulate and thank to Dr. Orlando for his dedication, accuracy and humanity when he treated me. He is a great person and is really well prepared delivering a high quality attention to patients. He takes his time to evaluate the patient physical and mentally to not lose any detail, but can act fast as needed in case of a medical emergency also. He is that kind of doctor that you would like to have If any medical problem happen due to his kindness, knowledge and professionalism. MROD company should be proud for having a such valuable professional in its team. I wish you a lot of successes and blessings.
    Amazing staff,, specially Ms. Reem she was very helpful and understanding,, she took all my notes into consideration,, also nurse Jobeth she was really supportive and took excellent care of my daughter I really appreciate her amazing service!
    Perfect Services
    Amazing service, especially by Ms. Reem who is always accommodating. Would highly recommend, as they are absolute professionals.
    Well done care from Dr Arsha and sister Pradeepa.
    It is always admiring and appreciated to recieve such warming health services and MRod healthcare providing solutions and remedies for healthy life.
    It's a great camp project..Helps individual to check their health issues at the early stage.. everyone are so accommodating..thank you👍
    Thank you so much for.the wonderful camp.

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